‘Right products at the right price at the right time’

Automated Building Technology (ABT), located less than 6km from the GPO, stocks a large range of air conditioning controls from a broad range of suppliers including Siemens, Honeywell, Belimo, Johnson Controls and Schneider.

Our team of vastly experienced engineers and HVAC professionals has a wealth of knowledge on all air conditioning systems and control component parts. This means they can offer quick diagnostic skills and identify the parts you need to have your system fully optimised, again in the quickest time, with minimal disruption.

Our range includes


We have

  • Strong product knowledge, the management team has in excess of 80 years of experience in control product
  • Broad product range through close relationships with the manufacturers
  • Strong product support with factory trained engineers on hand
  • Application knowledge that comes from years of being in the industry
  • Responsive service through a dedicated team, we will even come to site to provide advice
  • Easy access from the CBD
  • Design, supply and commissioning facilities that can be tailored to suit the client

Valve and Valve Actuators

Siemens valves and actuators are improved continually based on our many years of experience in the field and subjected to rigorous testing in Siemens’ in-house HVAC laboratory. Siemens valves have been used for decades in millions of successful installations worldwide. You can be sure to receive the highest quality and maximum reliability

Combi Valves (PIBCV)
Siemens combi valves (or Frese Optima Compact) are especially straightforward to plan, install, and commission. Their consistent volumetric flow range and wide differential pressure ranges allow highly flexible planning. The combination of control valve and differential pressure controller in one combi valve facilitates installation and hydraulic balancing. This makes commissioning fast and easy. Of course, suitable actuators are available for all of our combi valves to meet any control requirement

Click here to see Combi Valve in Action

Damper Actuators

Siemens offers you a comprehensive portfolio of damper actuators. Thanks to their rugged, compact design, they’re not only easy to install but also extremely durable in operation. The low-consumption motors deliver high positioning forces using little energy. High precision provides a pleasant, controlled room climate and ensures optimal energy efficiency, which helps to reduce operating costs.


With thermostats from Siemens, you are optimally prepared to meet any requirements. The extensive product portfolio comprises simple as well as complex, communicating devices. The thermostats can be either stand-alone or networked with others to create tailored solutions for demanding applications. The thermostat range can cover a wide range of different heating, ventilation, and cooling applications while addressing individual customer needs – be it in homes, commercial buildings, hotels, or office buildings


Siemens produce a large range of sensors to meet many different requirements whether it be for measuring temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure (air/liquid), and flow (air/liquid). Siemens offers a transparent, clearly structured range of sensors for typical HVAC measurements and applications. Siemens sensors are highly reliable and designed for simple, standardized, cost-saving installation with low cabling effort and fast start-up


Siemens offers standard controllers for all kind of HVAC applications. The range comprises stand-alone as well as communicating controllers.  All controllers for HVAC are graded according to their range of functions, input/output configuration, or application range. Based upon the functionality required, you simply select the required controller and field devices and create your HVAC scheme. Each device can be used with a wide range of compatible sensors, valves, actuators and peripheral units

Flow and Energy Meters

Siemens MAGFLO flow meters and ultrasonic heat/cool meters are an accurate, low maintenance solution for flow and thermal energy measurement. Because of its highly accurate measuring principles, it can be used for accumulation of data involved in the preparation of billing documents for tenants. Used in residential, commercial and retail applications, the electromagnetic and ultrasonic principles used in their meters provide tenants with a reliable source of information when determining their energy usage for common plant and shared service utilities

Gas Detection Sensors

MSR gas detection equipment is used in a number of industrial and commercial applications where occupational health and safety is a concern. Typical applications include; car-park CO & NO2 monitoring, refrigerant leak detection and explosive gas sensing. The MSR offering includes an extensive range of gas detectors which are compatible with any DDC/PLC system as well as series of analogue controllers specifically designed and certified for gas detection applications

Variable Speed Drives

The new G120P variable speed drive from Siemens is ideal for efficiently controlling air and liquid media in typical commercial and residential HVAC systems. the G120P is highly reliable and offers many intelligent features and functions tailored to suit HVAC applications. The drive’s modular concept makes it exceptionally flexible and service friendly. And you benefit from easy use, durability and efficiency over the entire life cycle – from installation and commissioning to operation and maintenance.

Pneumatic Controls

ABT stock and have access to a large range of pneumatic control devices from many manufacturers including Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider & Johnson Controls, in addition to this ABT also stock many different types of pneumatic fittings and poly tubing.

DDC Controls


As an Authorised Solution Partner of Siemens ABT have access to Siemens high quality, market leading and intelligent building automation products and systems. ABT utilise the Apogee product line in combination with the Desigo CC – the latest Building Management Station.

Regardless of the size of your facility, or your control requirements, Apogee provides the scalability and flexibility your facility needs for today and tomorrow. From standard to complex applications, Apogee provides a comprehensive and affordable solution that expands and grows with your facility. Whether you are building a new facility or expanding, upgrading, or optimising existing facility systems, a customisable Apogee Solution makes buildings of all sizes more comfortable, safe, productive, energy efficient and less costly to operate. `

Desigo CC™ is based on state-of-the-art technologies. Powerful, patented functionalities and capabilities provide optimal control of your facility. A global team of experts designed the user interface and workflow concepts for maximum efficiency. Desigo CC gives you a comfortable, easy and efficient way to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage your system. Desigo CC also ensures and prepares your installed systems for future migrations. Web client options reduce maintenance costs over the entire life cycle. With its future-oriented and discipline-independent approaches, Desigo CC enhances and protects your investments today and in the future.

Easy IO

EasyIO provides an open and fresh approach for building automation and energy platforms and enables you to fulfill these requirements.

The EasyIO N4 Supervisor allows multiple Niagara-based JACE® controllers, along with other IP-based controllers, to be networked together. It serves real-time graphical information to standard Web-browser clients and provides server-level functions. These functions include centralized data logging/ trending, archiving to external databases, alarming, dash boarding, system navigation, master scheduling, database management, and integration with other enterprise software applications through an XML interface (oBIX standard). Also, it provides a comprehensive graphical engineering toolset for application development.