Siemens HVAC products

Siemens is a leading supplier and develops a comprehensive and user-friendly product range for building automation and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Siemens is a specialist in the area of electronic regulation and control, offering customized solutions for, installers, resellers and end users. Thanks to a the Siemens distribution network the Melbourne and Victorian market is well represented for all the Siemens HVAC control products by Automated Building Technology (ABT).

Siemens Partnership

Siemens have created a network of Value Added Partners throughout Australia, consisting of Authorised Distribution Partners and Authorised Solution Partners to better service the market. Every Siemens Partner has been handpicked and undergone a strict evaluation program to ensure that the customer receives the highest level of support and customer service possible.

Siemens Authorised Distribution Partnership

 DruckAutomated Building Technology (ABT) was appointed an Authorised Distribution Partner for Siemens in 2010 (under the name Spectrol Pty Ltd).

Siemens carefully selects its Approved Distribution Partners. They have to prove their market competence and fulfil high quality expectations – including fast delivery, technical expertise, and high competence. Once approved, they receive a dedicated Siemens Approved Distribution Partner logo that confirms their status as a partner. Your benefits as their customer include:


Siemens Approved Distribution Partners understand your business. Extensive trainings ensure that they can create tailored solutions even for demanding projects. They also have plenty of material to support them in their work – like planning tools for easier project planning.


Siemens Approved Distribution Partners are required to carry a stock to adequately service the market. ABT hold a large variety of Siemens stock in our Port Melbourne location and with daily deliveries from Siemens our customers can have their parts without delay.


When you choose products from Siemens, you are choosing high quality, competence, and expertise. Siemens’ products are easy to install, entail low maintenance costs, and are easy to operate. And since they are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the field, they stand out for their long service life.


Siemens Authorised Solution Partnership

Druck With the success of the Distribution Partnership with Siemens, Automated Building Technology (ABT) was also selected to be an Authorised Solution Partner of Siemens in 2011.

Siemens Solution Partners are system experts, combining their expertise in engineering and commissioning in alignment with your individual needs. Partners that operate with the Siemens Solution Partner label have to continuously prove their expertise, performance, and knowledge in all aspects of the business. The partner logo affirms this status and is your assurance of the quality it represents.

We know you seek for value from your investment. When you choose a Siemens Solution Partner, you benefit in multiple ways. Your main benefits are


Siemens Solution Partners understand your business and receive extensive training to enrich their system expertise and create tailored offerings suited to your requirements. You get energy-efficient, economically balanced, and future-proof solutions from knowledgeable professionals.


The extensive repository of tools, libraries, trainings, and support available to Siemens Solution Partners contributes to the optimal performance of your building automation and control setup. You get a well-engineered solution that has a long lifespan and high quality standard.

Investment protection

The comprehensive Siemens portfolio and the services of Siemens Solution Partners aim for long-term security. You get maximum investment protection, a fast pay-off, and low total installed cost.